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Ground Exploration

Ground Exploration

Necessity of ground exploration
  • In recent decades, there has been an increase in the construction of underground facilities due to urban development, fluctuations in groundwater levels, and damage to and leaks in aging water and sewage pipes. Due to soil leakage, underground cavities are formed and the number of urban road collapses is increasing.
  • This increases the risk of damage to life and property and causes social unrest, which has emerged as a social cause at the central government level. Therefore, it is urgent to prepare underground joint detection measures to prevent this in advance.

2012 Incheon sinkhole

Busan sinkhole in 2018

Water and sewage crack construction

Buk-gu, Busan

Jeonpo-dong, Busan

Busan Hadan Intersection

Causes of intrusion and water leakage in old pipes

Water leaking from damaged water·sewer pipes forms waterways in the soil or soil flows into the pipes, resulting in dilated pupils and collapse·settlement of roads.

Occurrence cases

Most of the cases that occurred in Seoul were found to be due to damage to old water·sewer pipes.

2014.7.5 Damaged old rainwater drain pipe at Bangi-dong (Bangsan Elementary School)

2014.7.17 Damaged old sewer pipe on the road in front of the National Assembly

Possessed technology
  • 4D analysis integrated application software
  • GPR reaction analysis and interpretation software
  • Multi-channel data analysis algorithm (30ch)
  • Detection technology and precise verification of various ground types
  • Underground cavity physical exploration response and analysis technology
  • Ground exploration technology using drones
  • Print detection data report for each local government
Where to use ground exploration

exploration of landfill

structure exploration

Exploration around excavation ground

Ground (cavity) exploration

Other exploration

tunnel lining exploration