S14-412, 37 Nakdong-daero 550beon-gil, Saha-gu, Busan
(Hadan-dong, Dong-A University Industry-Academic Research Complex Development Project Group)

CEO’s greeting


Thank you for visiting the HS Co., Ltd. website.
Thank you.

As a new paradigm is being created by the digital economy,
I believe that dispatch agencies cannot avoid infinite competition in a rapidly changing environment.
In order to survive competition with large corporations,
UHS Co., Ltd. is preparing for the future with flexible thinking, expansion of business areas, retention of proven experts, and stable service provision.

The growth of HS Co., Ltd. has been achieved based on our experience working with excellent companies at home and abroad.
Therefore, all of our executives and employees will develop core competencies
based on trust, challenge, passion, and change, and strive to maximize your company's profits and increase work efficiency.

We, HS Co., Ltd., established a corporation in March 2014 to engage in Big SFI (Big Data Smart Factory Innovation) and software development, etc.
Based on our diverse experience, we will do our best to continue to develop solutions
as well as services as a leading multi-tier company.

Rather than a simple sales activity of developing and selling products,
we have a sense of mission to contribute to efficient work processes, planning, and cost reduction from the customer's perspective.
We will fulfill our role as a successful business partner by providing total solutions
in preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Thank you