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(Hadan-dong, Dong-A University Industry-Academic Research Complex Development Project Group)

Support Project

Smart factory support project

In order to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing sites for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, 50% of the project cost will be supported to build smart factories. 60,000 companies are expected to be supported by 2025.
(Approximately 300 billion won in budget for 2023)

Up to KRW 400 million (50% of total project cost) for upgrading

01. Business announcement and recruitment
  • Submit business plan
02. Evaluation and Application
  • Final application after on-site inspection, business plan, and review
03. Start of business
  • Concluded a bilateral contract between Chamyo Enterprises and Public Enterprises
  • Signed a three-party agreement between the center, participating companies and suppliers
04. Midterm inspection
  • Check progress and supplement design if necessary
05. check·evaluation, payment of business expenses· calculate
  • check, Business
  • evaluation Payment and settlement of project expenses after completion
06. Performance analysis
  • Analysis of improvement rate of major performance indicators (quality, cost, delivery date, etc.)
Application process
For domestic small and medium-sized manufacturing companies
  • (New construction) Support for initial construction of solutions and interconnected facilities for companies that have not yet built a smart factory (including manufacturing data collection and storage infrastructure construction, etc.)
  • Establishment of a smart factory solution using cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, 5G, big data, AR· VR, AI, cloud, etc. to improve product design and production process, and support for automation equipment, controllers, sensors, etc. required for construction (linked with solution)

* 「Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act」 Excludes companies (large companies) belonging to the group of companies subject to mutual investment restrictions under Article 14 (1).

Support details

Establishment of a smart factory solution using cutting-edge technologies such as IoT to improve product design and production processes, and support for purchase of solution-linked automation equipment controllers, sensors, etc.
* Smart factory solutions: field automation and production automation, production operation management system (MES), product development support system (PLM), supply chain management system (SCM), enterprise resource management system (ERP)

Introduction performance

A factory that integrates the entire production process, including product planning, design, production, distribution, and sales, with ICT technology to produce customized products at the lowest cost and time.

23% Improved productivity
-46% Quality improvement
-16% cut down the money
-35% Shorten delivery date