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Environment IoT

Environment IoT

IoT Mandatory attachment of measuring devices
Article 32 of the Air Quality Conservation Act

It was promulgated after a resolution by the Cabinet of Ministers on May 3, 2022, and among the new prevention facilities that were put into operation thereafter, type 4 in June 2023, type 5 in June 2024; All types of workplaces must attach IoT measuring devices to all prevention facilities by June 25.

Reference: Ministry of Environment press release 2022.4.26

IoT Utilized small-scale air emissions facility management/monitoring system

IoT-based data collection technology provides dustproof and waterproof cases and wireless communication to enable operation even in harsh environments. Supports the measurement data generation cycle, method, and transmission standards of the Korea Environment Corporation's small-scale air emissions management system. This product was developed based on protocol specifications.

division Detail
CPU Intel Celeron N4100
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 600
OS Windows11 OS
Storage RAM 4GB LPDDR4, ROM 32GB, M.2
LAN, Wireless LAN Gigabit Ethernet, 2.4GHz or 5GHz(802.11 b/g/n/ac), WIFI 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0
Processor ATmega32U4
Digital I/O Pins Input 6 Port, Output 8 Port
PWM Pins 7
Analog Sensor Input Pins 12CH (4 ~ 20mA)
Serial Ports RS-232C 1Port / RS-485 1Port
Sensor temperature Senser(1Ch), FTP(differential pressure gauge), CT(current sensor)
Operating Temp -10℃ ~ 60℃
System Features
Key elements of remote management system
discharge facility·prevention facility
discharge facility·Investigation of prevention facilities and analysis of interrelationships (whether prevention facilities are operated according to operation of emission facilities)
Key operating factors and transmission items
discharge facility·Derivation of key factors and selection of transmission items to collect prevention facility operation information
IoT Device (measuring instrument) andIoT Gateway
discharge facility·Installation of IoT device for measuring prevention facility operation information and IoT gateway for data transmission
Control center data transmission communication method
Establishment of communication method (secure communication with·without security communication) and communication standards for transmission of prevention facility operation information to control center
System configuration diagram
IoT measuring device
Standards and specifications
Product specifications
  • 7Inch HDMI Display
  • 1024 x 600 Pixel
ammeter CT
Product specifications
division specification
Measuring range 0~600A
output signal 4~20mA
error ±2% Within
operating temperature -20~60℃
etc. When installing, there must be no impact on field equipment, and the name of the facility measuring the current value1) must be indicated.
differential pressure gauge
Product specifications
division specification
Measurement target and range 0~600A
output signal 4~20mA
error ±2% Within
operating temperature -20~60℃
display device Must be able to represent measured values
operating temperature -20 ~ 60℃
Operating power DC24V(100 ~ 220VAC), 60H
weight 1kg Below (When installing, there should be no problems due to excessive weight)
temperature Senser
Product specifications
division specification
Measuring range -40℃ ~ 100℃(If necessary,~1,000℃ apply), Pt 100Ω, thermocouple, etc.
error ±1.5℃ or ±1.0%RD the larger value
display device Must be able to represent measured values
length 50cm~2m(Installation according to installation conditions)
output signal 4~20mA
operating temperature -20~60℃
Operating power DC24V(100 ~ 220VAC), 60Hz
etc Mounting flange included
PH controller, PHsensor
Product specifications
division specification
Measuring range 0 ~ 14pH
temperature of use 0~80℃
cable 5m Above (installed depending on installation conditions)
function Must be able to represent measured values
resolution 0.1pH below
Precision and reproducibility ±0.6% below
output signal 4~20mA
temperature compensation 0~50℃
Operating power DC24V(100 ~ 220VAC), 60Hz
IoT measuring device
Take advantage of the favor grant
90% government subsidy + 10% self-payment

There are a total of 58,828 workplaces in class 4 and 5 where the attachment of IoT measuring devices is mandatory, and there are multiple attachment prevention facilities at each workplace.
If you use the IoT measuring device request subsidy, you can attach it at a 10% cost.

division 1type 2type 3type 4type 5type
Amount generated
80tons ~ 20tons ~ 80tons 10tons ~ 20tons 2tons ~ 10tons ~ 2tons

[reference] Ministry of Environment Status of air emissions workplaces as of 2021

division total subsidy Self-pay Attached sensor
Filtered dust collection 350 315 35 Differential pressure/temperature/current
Adsorption facility 350 315 35 Differential pressure/temperature/current
Centrifugal force dust collection 260 234 26 electric current
Absorption, cleaning 360 324 36 PH/electric current
Electrostatic dust collection 290 261 29 electric current
RTO/RCO/SCR 260 234 26 electric current
Other facilities 260 234 26 electric current

IoT measurement device attachment cost and subsidy price (unit: 10,000 won)

IoT attachment subsidy paid on a first-come, first-served basis
IoT measurement device maintenance
Fines/suspension for failure to maintain IoT measuring devices

IoT measuring devices require attachment number maintenance and are divided into H/W and S/W maintenance. H/W is on-site inspection and replacement management due to equipment failure or aging, and S/W is measured data and program management. Since they are not compatible with IoT measurement device developers, only the requested IoT measurement device company can facilitate maintenance. .

On-site autonomous S/W management with various programs

Once attached, USIoT-1000 enables autonomous S/W management at the workplace.
Through various programs, you can operate IoT measuring devices with minimal maintenance costs through on-site self-inspection or call center support.

division check The details
Breakdown notification screen flashing Red automatic flashing > Call center A/S automatic registration
Consumables replacement log screen touch Click on filter and activated carbon replacement date > Monitoring system transmission
Breakdown report screen touch Monitoring system transmission > Analysis > Call center A/S decision
network failure screen touch Take a photo and send it to the call center > Analysis > Call center A/S decision
S/W reset screen touch System Reset History Monitoring System Transfer > Equipment Reset
System reset screen touch System initialization history monitoring system transfer > equipment initialization
system information Call Center Support Check CPU, memory, network, and sensor status
system dump Call Center Support Log analysis such as login, path, command, etc., data transmission analysis
firmware update Call Center Support Update firmware remotely
system cleanup Call Center Support Deleting system degradation folders, etc.
sensor calibration Call Center Support Calibrate sensor values when abnormal data values are detected
Long-term H/W maintenance

From May 2023, only IoT measuring devices that apply the latest communication protocol v3.0 can be attached. Currently, the company registered with the Korea Environment Corporation is headquartered in the Gyeongsang region among 21 IoT development companies nationwide, enabling quick and economical maintenance in the region.

Avoid environmental regulations through warning notifications

When data from IoT measuring devices attached to business facilities is transmitted to the Korea Environment Corporation, the transmitted data becomes the standard for environmental regulations. USIoT-1000 monitoring's warning notification allows preemptive measures to be taken at business facilities before environmental regulation standards are exceeded.